chair yoga


CHAIR YOGA offers the same benefits as the regular yoga program, increasing flexibility and strength, improving digestion and circulation and bringing body and mind into balance.

  CHAIR YOGA will help increase range of motion and joint mobility, improve balance, flexibility, stamina and strength of the entire body as well as improve posture and breathing.

  The main difference is that most postures are done while sitting in a chair. The CHAIR YOGA program is designed for anyone who may have difficulty getting up and down from the floor.

  Anyone who is interested in trying this very gentle yoga program is invited to a free trial class. So, if you have always wanted to try yoga, bring a friend if you want, and come for a free trial class.



Shorehill Yoga

Gentle yoga


    The Gentle Yoga program offers hatha yoga asanas linked by the breath in a vinyasa or yoga flow and is designed to work all parts of the body, internal as well as external     during the practice.

   Standing asanas, forward and backward bends, twists and inversions are combined for a complete practice. Meditation and relaxation, pranaymana or breathing techniques are included.


   The Gentle yoga program increases range of motion and joint mobility, improves balance, flexibility, stamina and strength of the entire body as well as improved posture and breathing.


Beach yoga
enjoy yoga outside at the shore

    During July and August we practice yoga outside at Argyle Shore Provincial Park.  The classes are FREE and open to everyone.

   It is usually breezy and sometimes cools off in the afternoon.  Bring warm clothes just in case.

See Schedule for dates.