Shorehill Yoga


Flow of life, Flow of grace, Flow of Yoga

    Gentle Yoga is about feeling good from the inside out, when you feel good inside, it shows outside. The physical benefits are many and well known, the mental peace a welcome bonus. Gentle Yoga will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and energized. 

​     Gentle Yoga is a journey of self discovery, self awareness and  self acceptance , more than self improvement.  Although the regular practice of yoga may certainly lead to self transformation, going deep within to discover your authentic self. On a deeper level, yoga is  a tool for observation. Yoga brings us into the present so that we may fully receive with joy and gratitude what each moment has to offer and teach.  

​     The  Gentle Yoga Program can be practiced by anyone at any age and with any level of fitness and doesn’t require any special equipment.    You can help bring your body and mind back into balance through the practice of yoga.  Anyone  seeking ways to improve their overall fitness in a non- competitive, stress free environment will benefit from the Gentle Yoga Program. 
    Yoga helps by improving flexibility, massaging the internal organs and glands, sending oxygen to all the body’s tissues, and enhancing a state of serenity. Breathing deeply into certain postures affects the nervous and lymphatic systems. It helps relieve tight muscles, increases energy and circulation, improves strength, and promotes radiant skin. This  gentle hatha yoga program will help you find  the middle way, a balance between effort and surrender.     The effort of coming into the pose or asana, the surrender of resting quietly in the pose or asana.  
     ​By listening  to your body and becoming friends with it, you are able to  respond to any limitations with tenderness and loving kindness. Remember, there is no rush, you have all the time there is; so step to your mat, start from where you are today, do the best you can with what you have available to you today, take a deep breath and begin.  


Embrace the flow of life, the flow of grace through the flow of yoga.

 Om shanti,